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Minelab Go-Find 40 (3231-0002)

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The new Go-Find metal detectors are designed to be simple, lightweight perfomers. They are fully collapsible so can be stowed away quickly and simply but be assembled ready for use in seconds. The search coil is fully waterproof so you can find treasure on land and in shallow water. From the User friendly Go-Find 20 to the value added Go-Find 40, or the full featured Go-Find 60, the Go-Find Series is designed for any experience level and gurantees you an adventure every day!

Go-Find 40
User Friendly
Fully Collapsible
10" Waterproof Search Coil
3 Sensitivity Levels
5 Volume Levels
Pinpoint button
Bluetooth enabled
Smart phone Go-Find app
4 x AA Batteries
Weighs just 1.0kg (2.2lbs)
Length collapsed 555mm (21.9in)
Length Extended 1305mm (51.4in




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