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Detech detektorid

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  • Detech EDS Chaser 14kHz 9" Ultimate

    The legendary Detech’s depth now in an all new package with a display! EDS concept enhanced!

    This is the best detector in its class (general metal detecting and treasure hunting).

    And it is the deepest metal detector having a display.

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  • Detech EDS Reacher 28kHz 12"x12" SEF

    Detech, the innovators and designers of the world-wide famous EXcelerator Super Deep search coils are proud to introduce their Newest High-powered EDS REACHER Metal Detector. The new EDS REACHER Metal Detector comes standard with their latest generation 12 X 12" SEF PRO Excelerator Butterfly high-powered search coil. Everything about this detector is specifically designed around the SEF search coil which stands for Symmetrical Electromagnetic Field technology. Excelerator SEF Search Coils are recognized throughout the world of metal detecting and treasure hunting as being absolutely awesome in depth and sensitivity. Whether in Europe, Asia, Africa or here in the USA, customers say they get increased depth, or as one user said "Excelerator Coils Almost Doubled My Detecting Depth".

    Want to go deeper than other metal detector users? Want to get deep coins, rings and other treasures still waiting to be found? Detech, the innovators and designers of the world-wide famous EXcelerator Super Deep search coils are proud to introduce their New High Powered EDS REACHER Metal Detector. Using intensive engineering, Detech has produced a formidable detector that proves it can search much deeper than many other types of Metal Detectors. Years of in-the-field testing has produced a truly remarkable detector that detector users have been waiting and hoping for. No fooling, this detector is second to none. You will get Super Depth in a simple to tune, easy to use lightweight, well built Super Deep Metal Detector

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  • Detech EDS Relic Striker 4.8 Khz 18"x15" SEF

    The new professional ALL TERRAIN metal detector. The Detech Relic Striker uses ultra low frequency 4.8 kHz. The best VLF detector ever made. Professional treasure hunters appreciate a low frequency to more effectively reach for low-lying relics, treasures and militaria.
    In depth-first search comparison with detectors of other manufacturers, the device also pointed to highly mineralized soils with large metal parts to its enormous, superior penetration and performance. It was superior even PI-Pulse Induction devices here. The detector is equipped with waterproof and shock-resistant search coil and may be used at any temperature (with UV - protection). Very stable operation.
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