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The rising star of the metal detector industry Nokta Detectors was established in 2001 in Istanbul, Turkey. Since its foundation, Nokta Detectors has been carrying out all its business operations built on principles of innovation, high performance, quality and customer satisfaction and has become a global brand and the preferred choice of many professional detectorists as well as hobbyists worldwide.

With the goal of being a game changer in the industry and a technology leader, Nokta Detectors has expanded its R&D team in 2011 and made significant investments in terms of developing new detection technologies followed by the acquisition of Makro Detectors in December 2014. Today, Nokta Detectors exports Nokta & Makro branded detectors to more than 150 countries in 6 continents through its strong distributor and dealer network.


Customer satisfaction is the biggest source of motivation for the company. Products in different price categories designed based on customer requests and feedbacks meet the needs of all end-users. They attract worldwide attention not only with their technology and high performance but also with their design and ergonomics.


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