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  • Minelab Sovereign BBS 8" Tornado otsimispool (3011-0223)

    Sobib kõikidele Minelab BBS detektoritele: Sovereign XS, XS2, XS2aPro, Elite, GT

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  • Minelab Coiltek Sovereign 10"x5" DD Joey otsimispool (C04-0002)

    This coil has utilised the success of the 10x5” coil for the Gold hunting machines and applied similar results to the coin and relic hunting units. The size and shape of this coil makes it an excellent option for any dry-land terrain whether at the parks or playgrounds or old townships to dry sand at the beaches. It has excellent maneuverability for tight areas and it is ultra light weight.

    The coils performance is complemented by the tight magnetic field the elliptical coil produces which improves the sensitivity and target separation. With this smaller sized coil, the depth capabilities are not as good as its larger counterparts but you might be surprised with its abilities when swinging. It is very easy to maneuver around obstacles and will feel like a breeze to use.

    The coil is WATER-RESISTANT so it is not recommended to submerge or use the coil in very wet situations. Water can void your warranty if it is the result of any damage or performance loss. The housing is made from strong ABS plastics, which ensures the coils durability.

    When working with this small coil, remember to swing slowly as sometimes these smaller coils make the operators swing faster to cover the ground, but this acts against the coils abilities. Also remember to keep the coil close to the ground as being small it doesn’t have the penetration like its larger counterparts.

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  • Minelab Coiltek Sovereign 12"x8" DD Platypus otsimispool (C04-0004)

    This coil has been an excellent addition to the range of products we offer. This is a unique design as it is fully water proof and one of only a few fully water proof coils we produce. The coil is potted with epoxy resin which holds all the windings secure and provide its water proof ability. The coil comes with a fitted skid-plate which has been designed so it can be easily removed to clean out trapped dirt or dust or to remove completely and swing without the skid. The coils robustness will ensure that if run without a skid plate it will endure the knocks and bumps during normal swing action. (solid skid plate also available) The strain relief on the coil could be the only area of water intake so always remember to have this hand tight plus half a turn before you are going to submerse the coil. Also remember that the coil is water proof only, so ensure that your cable plug and control box are kept free of moisture at all times.





     - Easily maneuvered

     - Light weight

     - Waterproof

     - Excellent sensitivity and depth capabilities

     - Fitted or solid skid plate available

     - Very robust design


    Applicable metal detectors:

    Minelab Sovereign Series (6 pin plug)

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  • Minelab Coiltek Sovereign 15" DD otsimispool (C04-0005)

    The 15” All Terrain coil has been a very successful coil for a wide variety of detectors. Mainly made to match the coin & relic machines, it has also been made for the entry level VLF gold machines namely the XT series and Eureka Gold. Due to the size of this coil, it can increase the depth performance up to 30% over the standard coil without reducing the sensitivity a great deal. Of course there is always some trade off but its response to smaller targets is very good. Being a larger coil, pinpointing can take some getting used to but it will not take long to get used to the coil’s sweet-spot and enjoy its overall performance.

    This size of coil is best suited to open terrain hunting like the beaches or fields. Working slow and low is best. Again, due to its size, it does need to have time to respond to targets at depth accurately and handle the ground conditions.

    The coil is FULLY WATER-PROOF. It has been finished off in a gloss-black epoxy resin which seals the coil windings inside and provides its water proof characteristic and its robustness. The housings are made from durable ABS plastic which can certainly endure extreme conditions like salt water and wet fields. When hunting in the water it has negative buoyancy which helps the coil ‘sink’ rather than float so it is perfect for wading out at low tide.

    This coil is very popular with the Coin & Relic hunters around the world and it has earned the nick-name ‘WOT’ which stands for ‘Wild Orange Thing’ due to the terracotta colour and performance.



     - Excellent depth

     - Very robust coil

     - Good for open terrain searching

     - More coverage than standard coil

     - Water-proof design

     - Lightweight for easy swinging

     - Well balanced

     - Good sensitivity to smaller targets

     - Works with detectors functions as per standard coil


    Applicable metal detectors:

    Minelab Sovereign series (6 pin plug)

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  • Detech 18” SEF otsimispool Sovereign detektorile (DM-00101)

    esigned to go deeper and offer better performance than other coils when searching for GOLD. Very stable, more accurate pinpointing to locate your gold finds. This size of coil is made to search DEEPER than any other coil for the GPX detectors!!!. Use this coil when you are prepared to dig up the DEEPER GOLD cluster and nuggets.
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