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Minelab MF-1 (3225-0002)

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Handheld Metal Detector Minelab MF-1  used to detect metal objects in the inspection of persons, baggage, etc. Recommend for prison court and airport.
•    Type of detector: MANUAL
•    Technology: VLF very low frequency
•    Operating frequency: 95 kHz


The distance of detection
•    Detection of 'Gun': 22 cm
•    Detection of 'Blade': 18 cm
•    Detection of 'razor blade': 8 cm
•    Detection of 'pin': 2.5 cm


Control and port
•    Rocket switch for ON / OFF / MOMENTARY ON
•    Rechargeable jack: yes
•    Sensitivity adjustment: yes


•    Sound: yes
•    Light: two sides LED indicator
•    Low battery indication: Yes
•    Metal feedback indicator: N/A


•    provides automatic tuning and battery check
•    is able to reduce sensitivity in difficult circumstances
•    large scanning surface for quick and full scan
•    button to reduce the sensitivity
•    lightweight, protective coating
•    3.3 kHz tone
•    presence of a special headphone jack
•    shock-resistant enclosure
•    automatic monitoring of battery discharge
•    light and audible alarm indication
•    Power consumption in standby mode: 3mA
•    Consumption in the mode of detection: 30 mA
•    Power supply: 9 V
•    Working Hours : 80 hours
•    Material: ABS and EVA foam hand grip
•    Color: Black

•    CE
•    FCC terms 15