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XP DEUS / ORX 13"x11" (34x28cm) X35 otsimispool (D3428x35)

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 Wireless Coil

Robust searchcoil
Size: 34x28cm (13”x11”)
Weight: Coil with coil cover = 590
This coil uses the latest XP polymer lithium battery
Provided with its coil cover
Battery life: about 15 hours depending on which frequency and power
35 frequency from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz
The laboratories tests show an increase of about 7cm (3”) in air using a 30mm bronze coin.

Komplekt sisaldab:

34x28 X35 otsimispool;

pooli kaitse; 

alumine vars;

kinnituskruvi ja tihendid