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  • 12"x10" SEF otsimispea Fisher F75 detektorile (DF-00006)

  • 13" Ultimate otsimispea Fisher F75 detektorile (DF-00008)

    Compared with the clasic DD coils it has the following advantages:

    ribbed housing,specially designed for absorbing the mechanical shocks and vibrations, made of special polymer, strengthened with glass fibbers, injection molded with a very high pressure, with maximum uv protection, more stable operation, better sensitivity, more accurate target identification, more stable ground and better overall field performance, the coil keeps its perfect inductive balance in a very wide temperature range, the coil comes standardly with coil cover, with a system for secure doing-up.

    The coil cover's weight is only 50 g, this coil is light for its size. it weighs approximately 480 g.

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  • 15"x8” Detech WSS Fisher F75 detektoritele (DF-00009)

      The 15x8WSS (WideScanSearch) has a narrow knife-edge search pattern that is designed to see between junk and iron targets enabling small coins etc to be found deeper and closer to iron than with other 15 search heads. Though not as deep on larger objects as the more general purpose SEF 15x12, on trashy sites the 15x8 WSS showed a significantly improved finds rate on small non-ferrous targets and pinpointing is also more accurate.
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